Julie Gribble | The Jason Connelly Band

Date(s) - 02/17/2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm



Doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 7:30 pm. $5 suggested donation. Please bring items to support North Fulton Community Charities (see below for list).

Our performers rely on tips and merch sales (that’s how they get paid), so you should bring some extra cash for them (and maybe buying refreshments).

This month, we have Julie Gribble and The Jason Connelly Band!

Julie Gribble

I started making music while living in Los Angeles. Pursuing acting all my life had been amazing but I needed a break. This ‘break’ led to pickin’ up that dusty guitar and spending hours a day just trying to figure it out. I’m not a chick who can be told I can’t do something so after a few open mics I got offered my first gig. This gig led to the next year; I made my first record, got signed on with a small label, did my first tour and worked long hours at a coffee shop to pay the bills.

I went off on my own and started booking tours around the US. I was given the opportunity to perform on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Tyra Banks Show. I made my second record during this time, too.

So here we are, a few years later and I just can’t bear the thought of giving up. Moved back to the east coast, had supporting roles in the movies Quarantine 2: Terminal and Ride Along, performed for a third time on The Late Late Show and finished my sixth record, Crimson Sky. I realized finally that if I’m not playing music I’m just not happy. Meeting people all around the country, hearing their stories, sharing a moment in their journey and mine is what drives me.

The people that surround me are crazy in the best way, like me. Yes we are opinionated but that’s because we stand firm in our beliefs that great music comes from the heart, not a formula. I’m told all the time that my music is ‘outside the box.’ Ya know what? I like it that way… ‘cause in the end I’ll know I gave this dream a damn good shot with integrity and passion. I say ‘cheers’ to a good dream, a shot of whiskey, some laughs and a hell of a lot of hard work!

Julie’s website

The Jason Connelly Band

Jason Connelly, an American singer/songwriter, who spent most of his life in the U.S. Southlands, has made quite a name for himself over the past few years. In 2009, Jason set out to make music what he referred to as “music with intent”. Since the release of his first record Songs from Inside the Attic, Jason Connelly and his band have gone on to release four more records, including the band’s latest release Bitter Blue. By the sounds emanating from his latest songwriting diary, it appears as if Jason has been spending most of his time reflecting on past memories, while remaining true to his initial goal of creating music that sparks positivity and sincerity.

Ben Kriff, otherwise known as “Benny,” has been a member of the TJCB family since April of 2012. Since the introduction of Kriff, he has earned himself the right to be called not just a lead guitarist, but also a songwriter. His first attempt at songwriting, leaves him with the distinguishing rights to why the TJCB sound continues to work and grow. Having co-written several of the TJCB’s latest musical scores, “Where’s Your Baby Now” showcases the magnitude of his lyrical ability. Words like “Sugaree” and phrases like “Long and dusty road,” inhabit the pulse to why Kriff’s heart continues to beat. Whether it’s his love for the deeper cuts by Lynyrd Skynyrd, or guitar melodies by his hero Warren Haynes, Kriff takes his personal passion and creates a whole new level of emotion for the TJCB sound. Who would’ve thought so much southern sounding soul could emit from a home grown northern native (raised in a rural New York town on the Canadian border). As you listen to Bitter Blue, it’s exciting to think what future melodies and songs lay ahead for TJCB’s music.


The North Fulton Community Charities food pantry, located at 11270 Elkins Road, Roswell, has a continual need for food and staple products. Here is the list from their website on January 23rd:

If not on list – not needed at this time

Pasta Sauce
Can, Chili, Manwich etc.
Jelly (Please no peanut butter)
Broths (PLEASE no other soups)
Hamburger Helper type meals
Canned Meats of all kinds Tuna etc
Size 6 diapers and Pull Ups
Adult Depends all sizes.