May 28, 2016 – Bruce Gilbert and Cyndi Craven

Bruce Gilbert

“As a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer, Bruce Gilbert is a seasoned professional who never met a style of music he couldn’t bring a little something extra to. His songs are filled with happily unexpected musical twists and range from poignant, elegant love (and lost love) songs to the cool sophistication of a hipster out on the town in a new pork pie hat. No matter what the style, Gilbert connects with listeners through beautiful melodies and sincere vocals that make you believe every word he sings. He’s a jazzer with the heart of a poet.”
—Jeff Silver, Chairman/North Atlanta Chapter Nashville Songwriters Association

Cyndi Craven

Cyndi Craven — singer, songwriter and ‘ukulele emissary’ — is a longtime member of Atlanta’s music community. Performing alongside some of Atlanta’s very best music artists, Cyndi has also long been involved in booking and promoting shows (Great Southeast Freight Room with Tom Wolf, Lena’s Place Coffeehouse, Vedanta Center of Atlanta), and organizing open mic nights, jams, and benefit music events. For more info, please visit