July 23, 2016 – Hiro Sasayama and Louis Robinson

Hiro Sasayama

Hiro Sasayama is from Hiroshima, Japan. He started playing guitar, writing, and singing at an early age, and has performed at various Japanese coffeehouses and events throughout his life. His music is influenced by American folk singers who believed that their songs could change the world for the better. Thirteen years ago he came to Atlanta with his wife and 3 children. Here in America he began making original songs in English. Hiro says, “I hope my songs will be a blessing to many people.”

Louis Robinson

Louis Robinson is a talented British singer/songwriter. In a long career he has played at every major folk venue in England, including folk clubs and festivals around the British Isles and Europe. He has performed on BBC radio and TV and his songs have been recorded by artists in the UK and the USA. Louis also teaches and produces shows in and around the Atlanta area. www.louisrobinson.com